We cover all your transportation needs: from private transfers and special services through tour groups. We offer services of transportation coach, vans and cars to any part of the country. We work with reliable vehicles and we take the greatest care to ensure that the transportation is in immaculate condition so you can enjoy your trip. We are conscious that the transportation is an essential part in tourism and, this is why we do it in a professional way, always thinking and being ready should anything unexpected happen. Our drivers are qualified and have the expertise required to match the expectations of our clients.


Table of fees


2-3 PAX 4-7 PAX 8-13 PAX
VILLAHERMOSA Villahermosa Airport $ 450.00 $ 900.00 $ 1200.00
AIRPORT Hotel Villahermosa $ 450.00 $ 900.00 $ 1200.00
VILLAHERMOSA Villahermosa – La Venta Museum– Villahermosa Airport $ 750.00 $ 1000.00 $ 1400.00
PALENQUE Villahermosa Airport $ 1200.00 $ 1,1600.00 $ 2000.00
PALENQUE Villahermosa – La Venta Museum – Villahermosa Airport $ 1300.00 $ 1800.00 $ 2200.00
VILLAHERMOSA Palenque Archeological Site – Villahermosa Airport $ 1500.00 $ 2200.00 $ 2600.00
VILLAHERMOSA Tuxtla Gutiérrez $ 2700.00 $ 3300.00 $ 3800.00
VILLAHERMOSA Campeche City $ 3800.00 $ 5500.00 $ 6700.00
VILLAHERMOSA Merida $ 4500.00 $ 6500.00 $ 8000.00
VILLAHERMOSA Cancún $ 7500.00 $ 9800.00 $ 10,500.00



Congresses and Conventions

We are a dynamic team and we have vast knowledge about resources and conditions of the region. We are always ready to be the right hand of our clients who have special needs in the South-east of Mexico. We know that in new and emergent markets, it is complicated to choose suppliers of professional and proven services. We have done all that work on behalf of our clients and have carefully selected all tourist and non tourist suppliers of the region to offer you the best service available. We negotiate with all the suppliers and we make sure they meet certain standards of quality to be able to represent them and to recommend them with our clients.


  1. Negotiations and hotel reservations
  2. Programs for companions
  3. Special events
  4. Hostesses and entertainers (both male and female)
  5. Medical services
  6. Musical groups
  7. Decoration and mood setting
  8. Audio and Video
  9. Special diets (kosher, diabetes)

Tours and Excursions

Tourist routes that touch the essence and soul of Mexico’s south. From the tropical jungle to Tabasco’s plains and the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Also, we will be pleased to work a FIT for its clients and groups, always recommending the exact route for the needs of each client.

We operate programs of companions in your congresses. And the most interesting of all is our specialized tour operators like: gastronomical, historical, adventure, romantic, VIP, archaeological. We do know the South!

Show routes

  1. Essence of Chiapas
  2. Tabasco Unique
  3. Forest and Pyramids
  4. Water and Mayan Cities
  5. Amazing Chiapas
  6. Palenque Tour
  7. Chocolate Tour Route
  8. Marshes (Wetlands) Route


Incentives to Groups and Companies

We provide all facilities for your next corporate trip as an incentive for your staff be really beneficial to your company. We have a directory of specialists in team building and motivation; Excellent places in the jungle, activities include rappel, rafting, camping in the jungle and gotcha.

These and more are a sample of what we can offer your company. The Southeast of Mexico is a magical place where your staff will surely make the most of every moment and come out full of energy for the challenges of your business.

Graduations All Inclusive

Stop worrying and quoting on all sides, we have done all that job for you. We have thought of everything you will need for your graduation party.


We take care of organizing all the services and provide you with the best market prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • Pre-Graduation Party
  • Dancing room
  • Dishes
  • Music and lighting
  • Photographs
  • Church
  • After-party
  • Video
  • Commemorative T-shirt
  • Cap and Gown